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Stay at Marina Del Ray Resort, Port Gili Gede. The best location to base yourself and discover some of the best, uncrowded Surfing, Kiting & Wind Surfing in the world. We are 5 NM east of the top left handers in the World, called Desert Point. We have year round, consistent 20 knot Monsoon winds. There are also beginner surf breaks on the nearby islands of Gili Laya and Gili Lonta. We are only 5 NM from Lombok's brand-new, south coast road that connects to Ekas, Mawi, Mawun Beach, Selong Belanak, Are Guling, Gerupuk, Tanjung Aan, Seger Reef, and Kuta and many more breaks yet to be discovered. Kite and windsurfing is also accessible to the surf or enjoy pristine, flat water kiting to deserted islands that surround our main island of Gili Gede.

Best seasons are from May until November when the South East monsoon blows 20+ Knots each day; and during February to April when the North West Monsoon blows. The area is also great for beginners as well as experts.

Marina Del Ray Ferry Service Bali Lombok is a 90 minute ferry ride to our Marina Resort on Gili Gede Lombok. Bookings essential Book online: