Want to know how to own your own beautiful Yacht in 3 years by someone else paying for it? Read on.

Invest with an Australian company by investing in a Syndicated Yacht Charter investment.

We seek individuals or syndicates to become part of a lucrative business opportunity to fully own a luxurious yacht within 3 year. Owners will have exclusive private access.

Due to the recent completion of Lombok Marina Del Ray, it makes it possible to purchase shares with like minded people and own time share in your own Jenneau or Sun Odyssey yacht built by the largest and most successful production yacht builders in the world, Beneteau Yachts France.

The Marina makes it possible to keep, maintain and operate these yachts in our www.indonesianyachtcharter.com fleet.

Form a syndicate of your best friends and share ownership without the hassle and cost of owning a yacht, use it when you want and for the rest of the year have our Yacht charter customers pay your investment for you or your syndicate or colleagues while your asset is being professional maintained marketed and managed by our experienced team.

Typical Return on Investment

Why Invest with us?

Indonesian Yacht charter (IYC)is the only yacht charter owner and operator in Indonesia which owns a Marina and operational infrastructure to professionally run a western standard yacht charter business.

  • We operate a 12-month sailing season because Indonesia does not have cyclones, typhoons or winter unlike most other yacht charter destinations in the world.

  • Port Gili Gede geographic location is surrounded by islands that a protected by the predominant, south east trade winds. That makes us one of the safest sailing destinations in the world, significantly reduces the risk of damage which also reduces Insurance costs.

  • Our companies have 8 years of experience operating throughout Indonesia as a yacht charter operator.

  • IYC  has exclusive rights to use Lombok Marina and its associated infrastructure and expertise.

  • Our business has a monopoly in Indonesia.

  • We are situated 30 miles east of Bali, the largest tourism destination in South East Asia that have dual airports.

  • We provide a daily ferry service to and from Bali.

  • We are the only company in Indonesia that has access to a safe Bare Boat destination in Indonesia.

  • Bali is not a cruising destination because its shore line is surrounded by surf reefs.

  • Indonesia does not have modern high quality Yachts or Catamarans.       

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